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MNJD Project - Let's Show Our Dreams

One of my favorite songs is the song, “I’ve Got a Dream” from the Disney movie Tangled.

In this song the characters talk about their wildest dreams that they want to accomplish. This year I want to see your wildest dreams or your Bethel’s goals! It can be anywhere from an aspiring career, something you want to do, or something you are passionate about!

For my project every Bethel will receive a big box that is filled with little wrapped packages that contain random craft supplies, such as Popsicle sticks and ribbon. The different craft supplies will be packaged separately with a label to tell the Bethel when to open them. As the girls reach fundraising goals they will be able to open the corresponding package. After collecting some of the

wrapped craft supplies the girls can work together to build a centerpiece that represents their Bethel and their dreams. In addition to the box of goodies the girls can use a hot glue gun, tape, and markers to build and decorate their creation on the board that will be provided.

To show what we can do when we come together, we will display the centerpieces at Grand. Include a description with the centerpiece as well because I would love to read about the meaning of your creation. At Grand, a panel of judges will determine a winner. The winners will be invited to a movie party with me at Grand, where we can wear pajamas and eat popcorn with candy.

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