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Grand Formal Opening - Flag Ceremony

Calling all Bethel Flag Bearers! We ask a representative from each Bethel to present your Bethel Flag at the Grand Formal Opening Flag Ceremony on Thursday night. These Bethel Flag Bearers will march in a special ceremony,

wearing a Bethel robe with a white cord. (No capes and crowns, please!) Please provide your own Bethel flag and

stand to Grand. (Be sure to label your flag stand with your Bethel number.) 


The part of the flag ceremony featuring the Bethel flags will be simple and will require a short practice. Each Bethel should provide contact information for an adult with the Bethel.  The Flag Ceremony is made more special because of your participation! We look forward to seeing all Bethels represented!

Please send the name of the Bethel Member selected to be your Bethel’s Flag Bearer. This individual will need to be present at the practice to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Grand Marshal Robyn Rasmussen at 308-750-0331 or

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