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Spirit Ambassador

Renee Rose, PGG, Committee Chair

780 Highway 281, Red Cloud, NE 68970

As a Spirit Ambassador, you will get to meet new people, participate in programs, be a leader, and inspire others to be their very best. You will also get to show your love for our fabulous organization, Job’s Daughters International. Being a representative of the State of Nebraska is not only an honor, but it also helps prepare you for future responsibilities and you will have fun during the year! 

Spirit Ambassador Qualifications 

The Nebraska Bylaws contain the following information on the qualifications for a daughter to be nominated by her Bethel to compete in the Spirit Ambassador competition. For complete information, review your NE Bylaws on the Rules and Regulations for Nebraska Spirit Ambassadors. 


The Spirit Ambassador Program is for young members who will generate enthusiasm and spirit among the Nebraska Job’s Daughters, as well as promote membership and participation in their assigned Bethels. 


● The Daughter shall be a member in good standing in her Bethel between the ages of ten 


(10) and fourteen (14) - and must not be over fourteen (14) years of age by the Annual Grand Session competition on June 19, 2024. 

● The Candidate shall be a Job’s Daughter elected by the members of her Bethel to represent them - only one (1) candidate per Bethel. 

● The candidate must attend the Grand Session the year they participate in the competition. 


● The candidate must possess and demonstrate great spirit and enthusiasm for Job’s Daughters International, as well as have the willingness and ability to share these qualities with other Bethels, Bethel members, and people in general. 

● The candidate’s application, permission forms, and registration fee must be sent to the Spirit Ambassador Committee Chairman  Entries postmarked later than May 1, will be disqualified. 

To apply - please include the following:

❑ Application page with appropriate signatures 

❑ Written one (1) page essay 

❑ Registration fee of $40.00. Please add the Spirit Ambassador registration to your cart and you can make your payment via check to the "Grand Guardian Council" along with your registration.

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