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Grand Guardian

Dehnia Bullerdiek, Bethel #27

Associate Grand Guardian

Dan Chesnut, Bethel #27

2024-2025 Grand Officers

Vice Grand Guardian
Dyana Burton, Bethel #63

Vice Associate Grand Guardian

Eric Bahm, Bethel #63

Grand Guide

Robyn Rasmussen, Bethel #7

Grand Inner Guard

Tom Anderson, Bethel #27

Grand Marshal


Grand Outer Guard


Grand Secretary
Deanne Grant (PGG)

Grand Treasurer

Brent Warwick (PAGG), Bethel #63


Grand Librarian

Coming Soon...

Grand Chaplain

Coming Soon...

Grand Director of Music

Coming Soon...

Grand Senior Custodian

Coming Soon...

Grand Junior Custodian

Coming Soon...

Grand 1st Messenger

Coming Soon...

Grand 2nd Messenger

Coming Soon...

Grand 3rd Messenger

Coming Soon...

Grand 4th Messenger

Coming Soon...

Grand 5th Messenger

Coming Soon...

Grand Bethel Guardian

Coming Soon...

Associate Grand Bethel Guardian

Coming Soon...


Grand Beekepers

Coming Soon...

What is the Grand Guardian Council?


The Grand Guardian Council is under the Supreme Jurisdiction and organized in the state of Nebraska.  It is a group that handles all the matters pertaining to Bethels and Bethel Guardian Councils.

There are 10 elected officers of the GGC:  The Grand Guardian, Associate Grand Guardian, Vice Grand Guardian, Vice Associate Grand Guardian, Grand Guide, Grand Inner Guard, Grand Marshal, Grand Outer Guard, Grand Secretary, and Grand Treasurer.  The Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer can serve a term up to 10 years.  The other offices only serve 1-year terms and move from station to station up to Grand Guardian or Associate Grand Guardian.  Each officer has a set list of duties assigned to them for the current year and is required to attend the annual meetings at Grand Session.

Local Bethel Guardian Councils consist of a similar structure to that of the Grand Guardian Council, in which they must consist of a Bethel Guardian, an Associate Bethel Guardian, and a Council of elected adults who are selected for offices from within the council.

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