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Nebraska State Ritual Team

Janessa Carley |

Jackie Carley |

Nebraska plans to be represented at Supreme Session in the ritual team competition(s). The teams to be selected (Messenger Team, Daughters of the East, Majority Member Messenger Team, etc.) will be finalized when Supreme Ritual Competition information is published. 


Selection for a Nebraska state ritual team brings prestige to the Members selected and their Bethels. Each Member of the Supreme Messenger Team and/or Daughters of the East Team will be provided $200.00 from the Grand Guardian Council to help defray the travel cost of participation. Teams will be announced at Grand Session, and recognized for their skill and ability; however, team members are not title holders, so no sashes or medallions will be awarded for team selection.

Team members will be selected from the top scoring competitors in the corresponding individual competitions, of those who indicate they want to be considered and meet the criteria for consideration for a state ritual team. If there is a tie, there will be a run-off competition between the finalists to determine the team member. Criteria for consideration for the Supreme Messenger Team and/or Daughters of the East Team (as applicable) are as follows:

  • Registered to attend Nebraska Grand Session

  • Registered to complete in an Individual Ritual Competition(s), in Messenger or Royalty categories, at Nebraska Grand Session

  • Meet ALL competition criteria established by Supreme Ritual Competition Committee

    • Please be aware of applicable age restrictions. Typically, competitors must be under the age of 20 on the day of Supreme ritual team competitions.

  • Registered for Supreme Session ○ Supreme Session registration must be completed before Grand Session.

  • Submission of the required forms to participate in Supreme Ritual Competition, such as:

    • Registration & Permission Form

    • Media Release Form

    • Health Form

    • Supreme Release, Waiver & Consent Form

    • Accommodations Guidelines

Copies of all required forms must be sent by May 1, 2024 to:

Janessa Carley, PO Box 1302, Chadron NE 69337 or


To encourage a healthy spirit of competition and personal growth in memory work, the members of the previous year’s Nebraska Supreme Messenger Team (and Daughters of the East team, if applicable) are restricted from being a part of this year’s team in the same position as last year. This means if they compete in the same individual competition, they will NOT be selected for the team, even if they earn the top score. Returning team Members are welcome to try for any other position on this year’s team.

About Supreme

Supreme Session will be held in Omaha, NE, July 24-28 > Click here to learn more.

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