Nebraska State Ritual Team

Elizabeth Grazier |

Dyana Burton |


The Nebraska State Ritual Team will represent our state competing in Circle of 5 at Supreme Session this year. Winners will be determined from the highest score across all age groups for each individual messenger competition. 

To register - please indicate you are interested in Supreme Team on the individual ritual form. 

About Supreme

Supreme Session will be held in Port Huron, Michigan from July 23-30, 2022. A spot on the Nebraska State Ritual Team/Supreme Team brings prestige to the Daughters selected and their Bethels, it also carries with it $200 for each team member to help defray the cost of the trip, provided by the Grand Guardian Council.  All Daughters who earn a spot on the team are required to attend Supreme Session with their chaperone and represent Nebraska Job’s Daughters in the Team Competition Category. The Supreme Ritual Team members may be asked to exemplify their parts at the request of the Grand Guardian.


  • Open to all Nebraska Job’s Daughters, one entry per person.

  • Members of the Supreme Ritual Team must be under the age of 20 as of July 23, 2022, the day of the Supreme Ritual Team Competitions. This is a Supreme Session requirement.