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Miss Nebraska Congeniality’s Project

The theme for the 2024 Miss Nebraska Congeniality’s project is Guardians of the Galaxy. During our travels, each Bethel received a cutout of Groot to take to their fun events. Hopefully you have been taking pictures with Groot and posting them on social media as a fun way to promote Job’s Daughters.

At Grand, I will be making a collage with the photos to showcase the different promotional activities throughout Nebraska Job’s Daughters.

There is also a membership incentive included with my project.

Bethels who bring in:

  • 1 new member will receive a Build a Groot Kit

  • 3 new members will receive Guardians of the Galaxy themed pins

  • 5 new members will receive Mini Groot Figurines

Photos and the number of new members in your Bethel can be

emailed to me at

Please submit them by May 1st, 2024

Thank you!

Jenna Helter

Miss Nebraska Congeniality


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