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2023-2024 Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives

This information is relevant for current Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives and their Bethel Guardian Councils and chaperones. 


The Nebraska Grand Bethel Committee is excited to see the 2023-2024 Grand Bethel Officers (GBOs) and Representatives (GBRs) at Grand Session! We hope to have a fun-filled week and showcase your awesome talents. Please review the following information to best be prepared for Grand Session.

Participation Program: Due June 1

All GBOs and GBRs are encouraged to complete their respective Participation Program, regardless of attendance at Grand Session 2023. GBOs and GBRs who complete the program will be recognized during the Grand Bethel Business Meeting. Participation Program forms must be submitted to the Grand Bethel Guardian by June 1.

Attendance at Grand Session


Everyone attending Grand Session must be registered, including all GBOs and GBRs. GBOs and GBRs should register with their Bethels. Attending Grand Session is one of the commitments made by a Daughter when submitting their name for a GBO or GBR, so attendance at Grand Session is vital to fulfilling the Daughter’s obligation. The GBOs and GBRs are highlighted during Grand Formal Opening and the Grand Bethel Meeting and we want everyone represented to showcase their talents and inspire others to do the same. Plus, we will have fun and treats!


If a GBO or GBR is not able to attend Grand Session, the Bethel Guardian or Daughter is to notify the Grand Bethel Guardian no later than May 1.  All GBO and GBR positions must be filled for Grand Formal Opening and the Grand Bethel Meeting. The Bethel of the absent GBO or GBR will provide a pro-tem.

  • If the Bethel is unable to provide a pro-tem, the Grand Bethel Committee will select a Daughter from another Bethel.

  • The Daughter’s medallion must be available for Grand Session. (Arrangements can be made with the Grand Bethel Guardian to ensure the medallion is at Grand Session. If the medallion will be mailed to a member of the Grand Bethel Committee, the medallion must be insured for $125.00 and sent by a carrier who provides tracking information – such as FedEx, UPS, or Registered US Mail.)


All GBOs and GBRs are expected to be prompt, present and prepared for all practices. All practices will be held in the Grand Bethel room. A tentative schedule, including practice times, is included below. GBOs are expected to have all speaking parts and floor work memorized prior to the practice time.


As Chaperones are required for all Daughters at Grand Session, an adult will need to accompany the GBOs and GBRs to and from the Grand Bethel practices. Only those adults invited by the Grand Bethel Committee to participate in the practice will be allowed to remain in the Grand Bethel Room. We cannot have distractions and extra noise during the practices. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


Daughters may bring cell phones with them to the Grand Bethel room, if allowed by their individual Bethels. Cell phones are not allowed on the Grand Bethel room floor during practices and will need to be silenced during practice time. A table will be set up for holding cell phones during practices.


GBOs are allowed and encouraged to participate in Grand Session Competitions, including individual competitions on Wednesday and Thursday of Grand Session. If a competition time conflicts with a scheduled practice, the GBO or the Bethel Guardian must inform the Grand Bethel Guardian prior to the start of practice (preferably prior to Grand Session). The GBO’s chaperone is responsible for escorting the Daughter to and from practice and/ or competition timely.

Dress Code & Official Regalia

GBOs and GBRs are expected to set an example for other Daughters and are to abide by the Grand Session dress code. The Grand Session dress code will be enforced at all practices. If a GBO or GBR is not complying with the dress code, they will be asked to leave and return in a Bethel robe. It is recommended that Daughters dress in layers as the Grand Bethel Room may have fluctuating temperatures.


GBOs and GBRs will wear their satin or poly-stain Bethel robe and regalia (including Grand Bethel medallion, headband, cord, white flat shoes/ slippers, etc.) at all Grand Bethel meetings, including Grand Formal Opening. GBOs, GBRs, and their Bethels are responsible for ensuring the Daughter’s robe is hemmed properly and in good condition. If a diagram of the robe measurements is needed, please contact a member of the Grand Bethel Committee. While wearing the Bethel robe, jewelry should be limited to Job’s Daughters jewelry and small earrings. Daughters should not have brightly colored fingernail polish – skin tone colors are acceptable. Hair accessories should match the color of the Daughter’s hair. White or skin-tone undergarments should be utilized. Grand Bethel Princesses and GBHQ will utilize the Grand Bethel capes and crowns.


GBOs who do not have a satin or poly-satin robe OR who desire to borrow a robe, may check out a Grand Bethel robe for use at Grand Session. Please contact the Grand Bethel Guardian by June 1, 2022 so arrangements can be made. The GBO borrowing a Grand Bethel robe will be responsible for ensuring that the robe is hemmed properly and the cord is added, if needed.

Grand Bethel Representative Wreaths & Reports

GBRs will decorate and display a star wreath for Grand Session. GBRs were given their star wreath at the September Officer Workshop. If they did not receive one then or need a replacement, please contact Kylie Vassar at The GBRs will decorate the wreath at Spring Workshop or at home.


GBRs are expected to complete a report on their year as a GBR. GBRs are encouraged to be creative with their reports and are welcome to submit something other than a traditional written report – though a written report is welcome as well. Options to submit include videos, mood boards, creative writing, or artwork. The report should be focused on the GBR’s assigned jurisdiction. Reports are due to the Grand Bethel Guardian by June 1. If the report cannot be emailed as an attachment, the GBR, parent/ guardian or Bethel Guardian should email the Grand Bethel Guardian by June 1 with information on what will be submitted at Grand Session.

Formal Opening

Grand Formal Opening ceremonies will include march formations by the GBOs, Bethel Royalty, and other state officer groups. GBOs and GBRs that are serving or representing their Bethel as Honored Queen, Senior Princess, or Junior Princess are permitted to march with the Bethel Royalty during Formal Opening. GBOs and GBRs will need to have a chaperone available to collect their cape and crown after the Bethel Royalty march, as needed.


GBOs should be prepared to perform the following ceremonies during Grand Formal Opening: Majority Ceremony, Lily of the Valley Award Ceremony, and Degree of Royal Purple Ceremony. If a GBO is being honored with the Majority Ceremony and/ or Lily of the Valley Award, please notify the Grand Bethel Guardian no later than June 1, so arrangements can be made for a pro-tem GBO during the ceremony.


Business Meeting

The Grand Bethel Meeting is a CLOSED Bethel Meeting and follows all rules as set by the JDI Ritual. ALL Daughters (including GBOs and GBRs) must have a current dues card and parents/ chaperones must have an appropriate eligibility card/ verification in order to attend the Grand Bethel Business Meeting. Entering and exiting during the meeting should be limited to the absolutely essential. Any Daughter who must leave the Grand Bethel Meeting while in session must perform the Salutation Sign in order to do so.


GBOs should be prepared to perform the following ceremonies during the Grand Bethel Meeting: Opening Ceremony, Order of Business, and Closing Ceremony. The Opening Prayer will be given and “Forward All Job’s Daughters” will be sung for the Closing Ceremony.


The drawing for the 2024-2025 Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives will be held during the afternoon session. Following the close of the Grand Bethel Business Meeting, the current GBOs and GBRs will check in their medallions with the Grand Bethel Committee. Installation practice for the new GBOs and GBRs will follow medallion check-in.



The following GBOs have duties for the Installation on Saturday. If any of these Daughters are submitting their name for a new GBO or GBR OR if they will not be available for the Grand Bethel Installation, please notify the Grand Bethel Guardian no later than June 1, so a pro-tem can be identified. Installing Grand Bethel (GB) Officers will wear their satin or poly-satin Bethel robes and regalia or a borrowed Grand Bethel robe, if requested.

  • GBHQ serves as Installing GB Officer

  • GB Guide serves as Installing GB Guide

  • GB Marshal serves as Installing GB Marshal

  • GB Chaplain serves as Installing GB Chaplain

  • GB Recorder serves as Installing GB Recorder

  • GB Musician serves as Installing GB Musician

  • GBSP serves as Installing GB Sr. Custodian

  • GBJP serves as Installing GB Jr. Custodian

Tentative Grand Session Schedule for GBOs and GBRs


1:00 to 1:30pm – Practice for GB Guide and Marshal

1:30 to 2:00pm – Practice for GB Line Officers

2:00 to 2:30pm – Practice for GB Chaplain, GB Recorder, GB Treasurer, GB Librarian

2:30 to 3:00pm – Practice for GB Messengers and GB Guards

3:00 to 3:30pm – Practice for all GBOs

3:30 to 4:30pm – Practice for all GBOs and GBRs for Grand Formal Opening



10:00 to 10:30am - Practice for GB Officer in Royal Purple Degree Ceremony

10:30 to 11:00am – Practice for GB Officers in Lily of the Valley Award Ceremony

11:00 to 11:30am - Practice for GB Custodians and GB Representatives

1:30 to 3:30pm – Practice for all GBOs

6:45pm – GBOs and GBRs lined-up and ready for Grand Formal Opening

7:00pm – Grand Formal Opening


8:45am – GBOs and GBRs lined-up and ready for Grand Bethel Business Meeting – Morning Session

9:00 to 11:45am – Grand Bethel Business Meeting – Morning Session

1:00pm – GBOs lined-up and ready, GBRs seated and ready for Grand Bethel Business Meeting – Afternoon Session

1:30pm to 3:00pm – Grand Bethel Business Meeting – Afternoon Session

3:15pm to 4:15pm – Practice for Grand Bethel Installation for Installing GBOs (and newly selected GBOs and GBRs)


If you have any questions regarding any of the information provided or any of the expectations or schedules, please contact a member of the Grand Bethel Committee. We look forward to seeing everyone at Grand Session!

Michelle Carlson, PGBHQ

Grand Bethel Guardian

2219 S 51st St, Omaha, NE 68106
402.250.1208 |

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