2020-2021 Grand Bethel Officers & Representatives

Participation Program: Due June 1, 2021

Grand Bethel Officers (GBO) & Grand Bethel Representatives (GBR) Participation Program information was distributed by email per Robin (GBO) or April (GBR). This is not a mandatory program but one we believe benefits the Daughters. GBOs & GBRs who have completed the Participation Program will be recognized during the Grand Bethel meeting.

Grand Bethel Officers - submit to Robin at rdavis@essexcom.com

Grand Bethel Representatives - submit to April at april.carlson@nebraska.gov 


Contact the Grand Bethel Guardian, Robin for additional information regarding these requirements or to request a fillable PDF form.


Attendance at Grand Session

Attendance at Grand is of the utmost importance! Grand Session is when the GBOs & GBRs get to showcase their talents and inspire others to do the same. If a GBO is not able to attend Grand Session, she must advise her Bethel Guardian and the Grand Bethel Guardian (Robin) no later than May 1, 2021.  If a GBR is not able to attend Grand Bethel Session, she must advise her Bethel Guardian and the Director of Grand Bethel Representatives (April) no later than May 1, 2021.  All GBO & GBR positions must be filled at Grand Session. Ideally, the Bethel of the absent GBO or GBR will provide her pro-tem. If this is not possible, the Grand Bethel Committee will select a Daughter from another Bethel.


If a GBO or GBR cannot attend Grand Session, the medallion must be sent to Grand Session with the Daughter’s Bethel or she must have it delivered to the Grand Bethel Guardian. If you choose to have it delivered, it must be insured for $125.00 and sent by a carrier that will provide tracking information (such as FedEx, UPS, or Registered US Mail).


Everyone attending Grand Session must be registered. ALL GBOs & GBRs are to register with their Bethels’ group registration, listing the Daughter’s GBO & GBR title on the registration form.



All GBOs & GBRs are expected to be prompt, present, and prepared for all practices. All practices will be held in the Grand Bethel room. A tentative schedule, including practice times, has been provided with these materials. GBOs are expected to have memorized all speaking parts and floor work for special ceremonies and ritual work in advance. Copies of all special ceremonies were provided to Grand Bethel Officers’ and their Bethel Guardians by email and mail if needed.  Please contact the Grand Bethel Guardian via email if you need additional information regarding these ceremonies.


As Chaperones are required for all Daughters, an adult will need to accompany the Daughters to and from the Grand Bethel practices; however, only those adults that are asked by the Grand Bethel Committee to participate in the practice will be allowed to remain in the Grand Bethel Room. This helps to eliminate distractions during the practices and move the practices along. We appreciate your cooperation!


Grand Bethel Officers will be allowed to participate in Ritual and Music Competitions, including individual competitions on Wednesday and Thursday of Grand Session.  We will be working with Ritual Committee to assure GBO competitions will not interfere with the GB practice. If a competition time conflicts with a scheduled practice, the GBO must advise the Grand Bethel Guardian prior to the start of practice. The GBO’s Bethel chaperones will then be responsible to see that she departs practice on time and returns promptly after her competition.

Dress Code

Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives are expected to set an example for the other Daughters. This includes the dress code. The Grand Session dress code will be enforced for all practices (dress or skirt and blouse). If a GBO/GBR does not adhere to the dress code when she arrives at practice, she will be asked to leave and return in her Bethel Robe. Skirt length will be determined by inches from the floor when kneeling. Cut depth of the front of tops should never be more than four fingers below the bottom of your collar bones. Bare shoulders will not be permitted. Remember, our practice room is typically well air-conditioned, it’s better to have too much clothing than not enough.

Official Regalia

Grand Bethel Officers and Grand Bethel Representatives will wear the official robe and regalia (including medallion) at all meetings including Grand Formal Opening. Jewelry will be limited to the Grand Bethel Medallion ONLY. No visible piercings will be allowed. No colored fingernail polish will be allowed. Hair should be worn down, but out of the face and eyes. Hairpins and clips should be discreet and must match the color of the Daughter’s hair. Only white or skin-tone undergarments will be permitted. All tattoos must be covered.


GBOs will check out a Grand Bethel robe and headband in the Grand Bethel Room on Wednesday morning – please see the tentative schedule provided with these materials. Each GBO will need to bring a chaperone who will be responsible for assisting the Daughter with pinning her robe (using the Grand Bethel Committee’s measuring rings) and seeing that it is sewn per the hem/care instruction sheet provided. A $20.00 check deposit will be due at the time of check out. This deposit will be returned when the robe/capes and headband/crowns are checked in to the Grand Bethel Committee, provided that damage has not occurred to the robe/capes and headband/crowns. Cords must be removed from the robes. GBOs must provide their own slips, hose and flat white shoes.


GBRs must provide their own robes with white cord, headband, slips, hose, and flat white shoes.


Formal Opening

Formal Opening ceremonies will include march formations by the GBOs, Bethel Royalty, and other state officer groups. GBOs and GBRs that are serving their Bethel as Honored Queen, Senior Princess, or Junior Princess WILL be permitted to march with the Bethel Royalty during Formal Opening. GBOs and GBRs will need to have a chaperone available to collect the capes and crowns after the Royalty march as needed.


Formal Opening will be the first opportunity for the 2020-2021 Grand Bethel Officers to showcase their ritualistic talents. We expect to perform Degree of Royal Purple and Lily of the Valley at Formal Opening, assuming there are honorees for each of these ceremonies, and assist with the Necrology/Memorial Ceremony.


Grand Bethel Meeting

The Grand Bethel Meeting will be held on Friday, June 18, 2021. The morning session will begin at 8:30am and the afternoon session will begin 1:30pm. GBOs and GBRs are to be dressed and lined-up 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.


The drawing for the 2021-2022 Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives will be held during the afternoon session. Following the close of the Grand Bethel meeting, 2020-2021 GBOs and GBRs will check-in their medallions. Installation practice will follow medallion check-in.


***REMEMBER: The Grand Bethel Meeting is a CLOSED Bethel Meeting. ALL Daughters must have a current dues receipt, and parents must have a Masonic or Eastern Star dues-receipt or a Job’s Daughter’s Parent Card in order to attend the Friday meetings of the Grand Bethel. The Grand Bethel Committee will not have extra copies of these cards available. All entering or exiting during the meeting should be limited to the absolutely essential, and Daughters must perform the Salutation Sign in order to do so.



The following GBOs have duties for the Installation on Saturday, June 19, 2021:

  • GBHQ serves as Installing GB Officer

  • GB Guide serves as Installing GB Guide

  • GB Marshal serves as Installing GB Marshal

  • GB Chaplain serves as Installing GB Chaplain

  • GB Recorder serves as Installing GB Recorder

  • GB Musician serves as Installing GB Musician

  • GBSP serves as Installing GB Sr. Custodian

  • GBJP serves as Installing GB Jr. Custodian

These GBOs must remain through the Installation to complete their duties. They will wear the Grand Bethel robe for the Installation and will turn in the robe/capes, cord (removed from robe) and headband/crowns after the Installation Ceremony.

If there are any questions regarding any of the information provided, please contact a member of the Grand Bethel Committee:

Robin Davis

Grand Bethel Guardian

2524 South 167th Street, Omaha, NE 68130

402.850.8270 | rdavis@essexcom.com

Tom Anderson

Associate Grand Bethel Guardian

3812 NW 49th Street, Lincoln, NE 68524

402.450.1651 | toa777@gmail.com


April Carlson

Director of Grand Bethel Representatives

8609 South 45th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68157

402.250.9997 | april.carlson@nebraska.gov

Jill Melvin, PGG

Custodian of Grand Bethel Paraphernalia

1902 West 9th Street, Hastings, NE 68901

402.463.2687 | jill.melvin@5pointsbank.com