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Daughter HIKE Coordinator

Shirley Carlson, Committee Chair
404 Pheasant Run Lane, Papillion, NE 68046


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Job’s Daughters International is celebrating the 39th year for the HIKE Fund, Inc. and 2023-2024 will be the 26th year that Nebraska has had a HIKE Committee. Our Daughter HIKE Coordinators continue to have a positive impact on promoting and spreading awareness for the HIKE Fund.

We encourage you to consider applying for one of four Daughter HIKE Coordinator positions. All interested daughters shall submit their completed application to Lisa Warwick by May 1st. ALL applications must be received or postmarked by the deadline to be considered. Please email with any questions you may have.

Duties and expectations of a Daughter HIKE Coordinator include:

1. Working closely with the HIKE Committee, Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter, & Grand Guardian Council

2. Attending the Grand Family Retreat, Fall Workshop, and Spring Workshop.

3. Attending and assisting in local HIKE presentations

4. Attending Grand visitations in your area

5. Attending Bethel HIKE functions in your area

6. Attending regional HIKE events

7. Attending the HIKE workshop held in conjunction with Supreme Session, if able.

8. Writing at least one (1) article for the Grand Guardian’s newsletter

9. Corresponding with your assigned Bethels at least four (4) times throughout the year

10. Promoting HIKE where possible; news articles, correspondence, etc.

11. Promoting HIKE in Nebraska by wearing your HIKE sash, medallion, or shirt.

The following policies are established for our Daughter HIKE Coordinators.

1. Daughters will serve a term of one (1) year.

2. There should be only one (1) Daughter HIKE Coordinator per Bethel.

3. Daughter HIKE Coordinators are not to serve in another Grand position, i.e. Grand Bethel Officer, Grand Bethel Representative, Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter or Spirit Ambassador.

4. A Daughter may be a Coordinator for two (2) years.  However, she must submit an application for reconsideration on a second-year term.

5. If a Daughter is selected for a second term, she will not receive a new sash or medallion


The HIKE Committee will meet with the current and prospective Daughter HIKE Coordinators during a scheduled meet and greet activity, normally following ‘Fun Night’. The announcement of the four (4) Daughter HIKE Coordinators will be Friday night during the Awards Ceremony at Grand Bethel.

A HIKE medallion and sash will be presented to each Daughter HIKE Coordinator the first year she is selected; unless the medallion has been lost or there is a gap between terms. Sashes should only be worn when in dressy attire; not while wearing jeans or shorts. Sashes should not be worn when wearing your Bethel robe. Medallions can be worn while in dressy attire or in your Bethel robe.

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