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Participation in Ritual competition has many benefits to Job’s Daughters, including improving presentation skills, developing confidence, and obtaining experience before an audience. We encourage all Members to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in the Ritual Competitions. Please follow ALL instructions in this packet. If you have questions about any part of this information, please contact a member of the Ritual Competition Committee for clarification.


Ritual competitions are open to all Nebraska Job’s Daughters who are registered for Grand Session. Registration for the 2023 Grand Session will be held online. Please contact the Ritual Committee if you require another way to register. There is no restriction on the number of Members from each Bethel that may compete in an individual category (i.e., a Bethel may have two Members competing in Chaplain, First Messenger, etc.)


A Member may compete in all three team competitions, one individual competition from Competition List One, AND one individual competition from Competition List Two.


Any Member that receives a zero on their score sheet from the Verbatim Judge will NOT place in their competition.

Restrictions for State Officers

Current Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter and MNJD contestants: You may compete in team Ritual competitions but not individual Ritual competitions due to scheduling conflicts. You must be finished with all competitions by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday.


There is no restrictions for Grand Bethel Officers or Grand Bethel Representatives. However, please note that holding a Grand Bethel Office is your top priority and all Grand Bethel parts need to be memorized before considering participating in ritual competitions!

Dropping Competitions

We encourage Members to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Out of respect for the time of our volunteer judges, every contestant is expected to be fully prepared to compete when they arrive at Grand Session. Councils and Members share in this responsibility equally in order to ensure that Members are prepared for their competitions.  Please stress with the Members the importance of this commitment and notify the committee of any dropped competitions by June 1.

General Instructions for ALL Competitions

  • All competitions will be held in-person at Grand Session.

  • If unavoidable extenuating circumstances prevent in-person attendance by a competitor, please contact the Ritual Committee Co-Chairs to request special accommodation. Accommodation requests will be considered but are NOT guaranteed.

  • Competitors must be registered to attend Grand Session in order to participate.

  • Competitors will have the opportunity to look at the competition room before they begin.

  • Enter the competition room in an orderly fashion and wait inside the competition door until the Verbatim Judge says “You may begin” and then begin your Ceremony or go to your station in an orderly manner of your choice.

Ritual Competition

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Official Regalia Inspection for Competition (Robe Check)

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