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Individual Competitions

Each Member may enter only one competition in each category. 

For each individual competition competitors should enter the room, approach their station in an orderly manner of their choosing, and sit. Once ready and prompted to begin by the Verbaim Judge, the Member will rise, nod, then may begin. This is true for all individual competitions, except as specified in the Obligation and Jobie-2-Bee competitions.


Competitions List 1 (You may choose one)

  1. Honored Queen - Ceremony of Initiation

  2. Chaplain

  3. Guide

  4. Ceremony of Emblems

  5. Story of Job


Competitions List 2 (You may choose one)

  1. First Messenger

  2. Second Messenger

  3. Third Messenger

  4. Fourth Messenger

  5. Fifth Messenger

  6. Obligation (For Daughters initiated after Grand Session 2022 only.)

  7. Jobie 2 Bee

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