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Team Competitions

Each Bethel may enter one team in EACH team competition.  A Member may be part of each team the Bethel enters.

  • Custodians - NEW!

  • Circle of Five

  • Capes and Crowns

  • Bethel Team Competition

Custodians - NEW!

Participants: Two Members from either the same Bethel or combined Bethels.

Members will prepare the Bethel room for a regular meeting. No verbatim speaking parts will be given. There will be no open flame equipment, such as candles and/or candelabra. There will be no obstructions to the floor work the members need to complete.


Read more about this competition.

Circle of 5

Participants: Five Members from either the same Bethel or combined Bethels.

Messengers present their lectures from the Ceremony of Initiation in sequence, each standing in the correct position west of the Altar as per the Ritual. The instructions to the Guide and Marshal must be given by the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Messengers as part of this competition.

Read more about this competition.

Capes & Crowns

Participants: Three Daughters from the same Bethel: Honored Queen, Senior Princess, Junior Princess. Each must wear the official regalia of the office she is representing. Honored Queen must be filled by a current or past Honored Queen.


All paraphernalia, including the emblems and gavel, will be provided. There will be no Custodians, Guide, Marshal or other officers present.  They will not have to sing.  Only the speaking parts referred to in these instructions will be given.  For smoothness of delivery, most instructions to the Inner Guard, Guide, and Marshal have been omitted.

Read more about this competition.

Bethel Team Competition

To compete in the Bethel Team Competition, each Bethel (large, small, and combined) must have a minimum of seven Daughters. Speaking parts of all officers must be given. Honored Queen must be filled by a current or Past Honored Queen. 


Adults will not be judged on floor work or speaking parts. There must be a Bethel Guardian and Associate Bethel Guardian present for competition. An adult other than the Bethel Guardian or Associate Bethel Guardian may fill this position. The only adults from the Bethel allowed in the room will be the Bethel Guardian and Associate Bethel Guardian and adult Musician. If you will need someone to fill one of these stations, please indicate this on your Registration Form.


Size of Room:  The size of the space we will be using in the room will be approximately 48’ x 35’, which is the outside dimension.


Multiple Stations:  The Honored Queen should not do multiple stations. Please make sure if a Daughter is doing more than one part, all of her stations are listed on the registration sheet.


Musician:  If you do not have a Daughter Musician, an adult may fill this part (or one will be provided by the Ritual Committee, if you so indicate). 


Paraphernalia: All paraphernalia will be provided, including a gavel in the East.


Singing: Quality of singing will not be judged, but words need to be clearly enunciated. “Open the Gates of the Bethel”, “Bethel Flag Song”, “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, “Now Our Work is Over”, “Forward All Job’s Daughters”, and “Nearer, My God, to Thee” will be sung during the ceremony. Daughters will be judged if they do not sing where indicated or if they sing anywhere not indicated.

Bethel Guardian, Associate Bethel Guardian, and Choir enter as per Ritual for the opening of a regular Bethel meeting.

Read more about this competition.

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