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Arts & Crafts Competition

Tracey Hefner, Arts & Crafts Chairperson

Nebraska Job’s Daughters is one way to shine and show others The Star You Are, and entering the Arts and Crafts Competition this year is your opportunity to be dazzling! This is open to all Daughters and Jobie-2-Bees who want to shine the light on their artistic talents! This year we are shining the light on the Daughters; there will be no adult category/classes at this competition. This is a change from previous years.

This year we are continuing the new categories that were revealed in 2022/2023 to encourage new creative ideas. I want to encourage each of you to submit at least one piece for the competition. Bethel Guardians and Council Members, please encourage your Daughters to participate. The Arts & Crafts Competition has something for everyone. You don’t have to be present at Grand Session 2024 in order to compete. It’s a great way to participate if you cannot attend Grand!

Changes are being made this year to streamline the Awards Night and the Arts & Crafts competition is part of this exciting change. This year we are implementing the procedures where the results of this competition will be known when judging is complete. That’s right! You will be able to see how your entries did right away while viewing. Plans are to have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category known and displayed at the competition. All other entries will be awarded a placing similar to how 4-H and open class divisions are done. This way everyone will have an opportunity to see the winning projects up close and personal!

PREPARE ENTRIES: Entry forms need to be completed from this letter, or the website, either online or printed, filled out, and sent. From these entry forms an entry tag will be generated. Entry tags will be emailed to the Bethel Guardians prior to Grand. These tags must be placed inside an envelope with a submission code generated by the committee on the outside of the envelope. DO NOT SEAL THE ENVELOPE, just fold the flap inside, and attach it to the item. Submission codes will be daughter and category/class specific, and each items submission code will be different. Envelopes and entry tags will be available at check-in but the entry form must be completed by the deadline.


In order to enter the competition, I will accept scanned email entries. Feel free to enter more than one project/item; however, you may only enter one item per category/class. Read carefully the category descriptions so that you choose the correct category/class in which to enter your project(s).


Age divisions are:

  • Jobie-2-Bee

  • Beginner 10-12

  • Intermediate 13-16

  • Senior 17-19.


Age is determined by first day of Grand Session.


Please make sure that you designate one adult as the contact person for all entries coming from your Bethel. The committee knows you will build or create amazing things and we can’t wait to see your projects!

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