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Arts & Crafts Competition

Deb Kendle, Arts & Crafts Chairperson

402-617-3991  |


Nebraska Job’s Daughters is one way to show your building abilities and enter the Arts and Crafts Competition this year. This year’s theme is Building Our Future. This is open to all Daughters, Majority Members, Adults, and Jobie-2-Bees who want to highlight their artistic talents!

This year we continue the new categories we revealed last year to encourage new creativeness. I want to encourage each of you to submit at least one piece for the competition. Bethel Guardians and Council Members, please encourage your daughters to participate. The Arts & Crafts Competition has something for everyone. You do not have to be present at Grand Session in order to compete.

PREPARE ENTRIES: A sealed envelope must be attached to each entry with the following information listed on the outside of the envelope:

  • Daughters Age (For Majority Members write MM, for Adult write A)

  • Category

  • Submission Number


The inside of the envelope must contain printed entry form. You can download one here. Envelopes and forms will be available at check-in but this process needs to be completed before submitting items.


Feel free to enter more than one project/item; however, you may only enter one item per category/class. Read carefully the category descriptions so that you choose the correct category/class in which to enter your project(s).*Please make sure that you designate one adult as the contact person for all entries coming from your Bethel.


I know you will build amazing things and can’t wait to see the creations!

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