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Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter’s Project

For the Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter Project, I am excited to

highlight our many HIKE stars in the Nebraska Job’s Daughter galaxy!

Every Bethel that raises at least $100 per member will be recognized at a special display at Grand. Bethels that raise $100 per person will get a constellation in a “night sky” display, Bethels that raise $500 per person will receive a star on a Jobie Walk of Fame, Bethels that raise

$750 per member will earn a Star Wars Death Star in our night sky.

The Bethel that raises the most money per member for HIKE this year

will receive an ice cream party. The flavors, toppings, etc. will be

decided by the Bethel. I will send out a Google Form to the Bethel

that raises the most money and will ensure all allergies and

preferences are taken into account, so be sure to send in your HIKE

money by the June 1 deadline! I will meet the winning Bethel on

Thursday night after Grand Formal opening with your treats, som fun

lights, your favorite music and more so we can all celebrate together!

Please submit your HIKE earnings to Grand Secretary Denise

Hamilton by June 1, 2024 to be considered for these prizes.

Thank you!

Rem Watts

Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter


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