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Centerpiece Competition

Robin Davis, Committee Chair
402-850-8270  |


Let’s get ready to rumble…just kidding!  For this Grand Session, we want you to show us what you are made of.  There can only be ONE entry per bethel. There will be two different choices for themed centerpieces:

1.  “Building Our Future Leaders” or

2.  Job’s Daughters, The Foundation 


Please read the rules carefully before you start your brainstorming, and don’t forget to send in your registration.

  • Entries may be checked in on Wednesday, June 14 from 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m.

  • Entries will be on display throughout Grand Session.

  • Centerpieces will be judged on Wednesday night. 

  • Voting for the “People’s Choice” will be on Thursday, June 15 from 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. Voting ballots will be in your registration packet.  One vote per person registered.

  • announced at the Awards Ceremony Friday evening.

  • All centerpieces must be picked up after the closing of the Awards Ceremony on Friday evening.


Centerpiece for Jobie-to-Bees

There will be a separate competition for the Bees and the centerpiece theme will be “Bee the Building Blocks”.  Same rules apply…see below.


Centerpiece for Grand Bethel Officers/Grand Bethel Representatives/Spirit Ambassadors/Daughter Hike Coordinators

Let the games begin…compete between your Grand Family Groups!  During Grand Session, come to the arts & crafts room with your group and build your centerpiece.  Or, if there is time, construct your centerpiece during your gathering.  Please register so we know how much supplies to have available, and feel free to bring supplies with you.  Same rules apply…see below.


  1. Bethel members must make the centerpiece. Members need not attend Grand Bethel to participate.

  2. Centerpiece must follow or relate to the above mentioned themes and incorporate Job’s Daughters. 

  3. Cost must not exceed $25.00.

  4. The maximum dimensions are:

    • Must fit in an 18” by 18” square, oval, or round area.

    • Maximum height of 10”.

    • Your design should be balanced and able to stan on its own and not block view of people seated at the table.

  5. Entry must be appealing and viewed from all sides.

  6. Candles may be used, but not lit.

  7. Electricity will not be provided.

  8. The entry must appear anonymous. Bethel number, location, and Daughters’ names must not appear anywhere on the centerpiece.

  9. Please include a statement (limit to one page) explaining whatever you would like people to know about your centerpiece.  It could explain any symbolism, construction, materials used, etc.

    • It does not need to be attached and does not affect the dimension requirements.

    • This will be read by the judges and also be made available for everyone.

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