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Librarians Competition

Desiree Fornander, Grand Librarian


All Nebraska Job’s Daughters and Jobie to Bees are encouraged to participate in the Grand Librarian’s competitions. Hopefully there is a competition that appeals to everyone. This is a great way to express yourself using your creative side. 

  • Category 1: Member Acrostic Poem - Grand Theme (Words: Be The Star You Are)

  • Category 2: Member Acrostic Poem- JDI Theme (Words: Job’s Daughters)

  • Category 3: Member Bethel Promotional Poster

  • Category 4: Member Short Story/Essay – JDI Theme

  • Category 5: Jobie to Bee Acrostic Poem (Word: Friendship)

  • Category 6: Jobie to Bee Bethel Promotional Poster

  • Category 7: Jobie to Bee Short Story/Essay – JDI Theme


  1. Requirements: Acrostic Poem
    a. Word left aligned, bolded, and capitalized
    b. Size 12 Times New Roman font
    c. One (1) inch margins
    d. Title centered at the top of document

  2. Requirements: Bethel Promotional Poster
    a. Page size 8”x10”
    b. Must feature the following components:
         i. Name of organization: Job’s Daughter’s International
         ii. Generic Bethel number: 100
         iii. Generic Bethel location: Kearney, NE
         iv. A picture or pictures of your Bethel members
         v.    Generic contact information for your Bethel - ( / 123-456-7890)
         vi. Information about JDI that would encourage a girl to want to join

  3. Requirements: Short Story/Essay
    a. Size 12 Times New Roman font
    b. One (1) inch margins
    c. Title centered at the top of document
    d. Double-spaced
    e. 3-5 pages

Entries must be submitted or postmarked on or by May 1st, 2024. Entries submitted after this postmark date will still be included but will receive a 10-point deduction. Late entries will not be accepted after June 1st, 2024. Be creative and have fun!

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