Jeff Makris, Committee Chair
2441 El Rancho Rd, Sidney, NE 69162


Librarians Competition

All Nebraska Job’s Daughters are encouraged to participate in the Grand Librarian’s competitions. Hopefully there is a competition that appeals to everyone. This is a great way to express yourself using your creative side. This year’s theme, “Celebrating the 100th Anniversary”.

POEM –“What have I experienced or Witnessed as a Job’s Daughter”

In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of our order I am requesting something a little different for the Librarian Competition.   I would like each of you who wish to compete to write a poem.   The poem should describe something you have personally experienced or witnessed as a Job’s Daughter.  It can be about an event or some act of kindness or generosity that has touched your heart.  Basically, it should describe something that has made you feel that being a Jobie has truly enriched your life in some way.   Sharing experiences like those will often times lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the people around us.  Afterall, that is what we strive to accomplish in our Order and in our lives.


  1. Requirements

    • Double-spaced

    • Size 12 Times New Roman or Arial font

    • One (1) inch margins

    • Title centered and in bold at the top of the document

  2. Please submit all entries and registration via mail.

  3. The name of the entrant and their Bethel/city should NOT appear anywhere on any of the entries submitted.

  4. Entries must be submitted or postmarked on or by May 1st, 2021.  Entries submitted after this postmark date will still be included but will receive a 10-point deduction.  Late entries will not be accepted after June 1st.

  5. Have fun!


In Jobie Friendship,

Jeff Makris

2020-2021 Grand Librarian