Daughter Media Team

Exciting opportunities await the 2021/2022 The Magic of Youth Grand Year.  Matt and I are very excited to announce that we will be forming a Daughter Media Team whose job will be to encourage, engage and direct in creating content that can be used by Nebraska Job’s Daughters for promotion through various social media outlets.  We are seeking Daughters with the following qualifications:

  • Ages 15-19

  • Previous design, video, podcast or social media experience

  • A desire to create engagement and excitement about Job’s Daughters


If you are interested, please complete the application and send either by mail or email to Angie Leeper, VGG for consideration.  The new Daughter Media Team will be announced on Friday at Grand Session and you will begin working by capturing photos and videos both on Friday night and Saturday morning at Grand.  As a member of the Daughter Media Team, your role will be to work with Amber Vipond and the Promotion Committee (Kori Radloff, Chair) in creating social media content to share.  This content will come from our events but also can be organically created content to drive engagement and interest.  If you have any questions about this exciting opportunity, please feel free to contact Angie Leeper. 

Angie Leeper, PHQ, MM, PBG, DoRP, Member of Honor Bethel #15

Vice Grand Guardian

a.leeper@live.com  |  402-317-9870

Matt Vandergriff, PABG

Vice Associate Grand Guardian

mwvandergriff@cox.net  |  402-913-4864


Thank you!