JDI Knowledge Test

The JDI Written Test gives Daughters an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the Ritual. All test

questions will be taken from the Ritual, with a variety of true/false, multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank

questions. Looking for good study resources


NEW THIS YEAR! Daughters who complete the Nebraska Knowledge Course will be given a 5-point bonus on the JDI Written Test!


Awards will be given based on the number of years the Daughter has been a member of JDI, as of Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 – Beginners (less than 2 years), Intermediate (2–4 years) and Seniors (more than 4 years).


Awards will be given for the first, second and third highest scores in each group.



  • Read your Ritual

    Discover all the intricate details of the Job’s Daughters Ritual with the Nebraska Knowledge Course. Take the course as an individual or as a Bethel. The course is now available online at www.jdne.org/nebraska-knowledge-correspondence-course/. Successful completion of the Course will not only help you prepare for the written test but will also allow you to earn a Nebraska Knowledge Course Charm.

Student Paper Writing

Contact Kori Radloff, Grand Marshal

(402) 578-9158  |  kori.radloff@gmail.com


Mary Gammell Bylaw Test

How well do YOU know the JDI Bylaws? Team up with your Bethel sisters and show off your Job’s Daughters knowledge with the Mary Gammel Bylaw Test. All Bethel members are eligible to take the test, but there must be a minimum of two Daughters completing the test to win the trophy. The Bylaw Test will be over Bethel and Grand Bylaws. The award will be given for the Bethel with the highest percentage of members who took the Bylaw Test.


The Knowledge Test and Bylaw Test will be given Thursday, June 17 from 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Daughters may come at any time during that period, which should allow the opportunity to take part in

competitions and practices. There is NO limit to the number of Daughters who may be entered by each Bethel.

Good Grades

Thank you!