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Fall Events!

We've got a lot of great events happening this fall and we hope you'll all be able to attend.

August 19

State Officers Virtual Retreat

1-3PM, Zoom

No Cost

Congratulations to those selected as a state officer for Nebraska Job's Daughters! We know you are excited to get started in your new role, so we will be hosting TWO opportunities for you to meet with your sister Jobies and start working on your plans for the year.

FIRST, plan to meet online for breakout sessions with your committee and a summary of upcoming events and activities.

THEN, come together for a one-day in-person retreat on Sunday, September 17 where you can discuss plans for the year, set your calendar, and more!


September 17

State Officers In-Person Retreat

1-4PM, Lincoln Scottish Rite

Cost: $10



October 7-8

Reach for the Stars! Fall Workshop

Camp Carol Joy Holling, Ashland

Activities for Job's Daughters, Jobies to Bee & Adults!

Cost: $45

Join friends from across the state for an extraordinary weekend full of fun activities that are certain to help you reach your goals and discover a new universe of possibilities! Led by national-level speakers, you will come away from this weekend filled with inspiration to reach for the stars and be the very best YOU you can be!

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