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Let's Get Some New Members

Imagine a world where every single Bethel in Nebraska held an Initiation before the end of 2023! We want to see that happen -- but we all need to work together.

Here is what we need YOU to do:

  • Plan a prospective member event of some kind for the time period of Oct. 14 - 22, anything you want it to be.

  • WE NEED YOU SEND US THE DATE AND INFORMATION FOR YOUR EVENT - the sooner, the better. We will be listing information about these events on our website and will have the info to share with people who contact us. Please try to get us at least a date for your event by Sept. 1.

  • Spread the word in your community as widely as you can -- let everyone know what you are planning!

  • EXTRA CHALLENGE: Visit the Masonic Lodge and OES Chapter (and other Masonic bodies) in your area and ask them to help you. Share a story or two from your members about how Job's Daughters has impacted their lives and ask them for help finding other young people who might be interested in learning more. You could even make a little competition to see which organization can bring the most prospective members to your event!

What Nebraska Job's Daughters is going to do:

  • Thanks to a grant from the Scottish Rite specifically designated for digital marketing, Nebraska Job's Daughters will be launching a digital advertising campaign targeting parents of girls between the ages of 8 and 14 who live in the communities where we have Bethels.

  • In keeping with Supreme guidelines, we will be posting limited information about your planned event on our website (e.g. date of your event, town and type of event, but without times and exact location). We will need a contact email to be listed with the event so people can reach out to you for specific details.

  • In addition, we will be sending an email communication to 40,000 people who fit the demographics described above, with a follow-up email sent to people who clicked on the digital ads or responded to the first email.

  • We will also receive a list of mailing addresses of people who responded to the emails and ads; these will be given to Bethels in the appropriate areas.

  • We are working on updating the landing page with Bethel information and a new promotional video that you can share with people interested in learning more about Job's Daughters.

  • The Canva site and custom graphics continue to be a resource for anyone who would like to use them. Please contact Kori at if you need access.

This digital advertising campaign is set to start running just after Labor Day, on Sept. 5 and will run through Oct. 22.

Remember -- we need the following information from every Bethel as quickly as possible:

  • Details about your planned prospective member event, to be held between Oct. 14 and Oct. 22.

  • Contact information for an adult in your Bethel where people can get additional information.

Working together, we can boost membership for everyone. We look forward to hearing about your plans!

Go Jobies!

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