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Promotion Incentives

The Promotion Committee is excited to announce the Membership and Jobie-to-Bee incentives for this Grand year. We hope these will encourage all Nebraska Bethels to continue engaging their members. Below are the important parts of membership and growth; retaining, engaging, initiating, and cultivating. Both winners will be announced at Grand Session. All Nebraska Bethels should be able to participate. Below is information on both programs. Please send in entries to Renee Rose at by May 1st.

Membership Incentive

This incentive will be based on membership and activities the Bethel has hosted to encourage member retention. Membership numbers will be taken from the Bethel's annual report from the end of the 2020 year. Bethels will be asked to report their membership numbers and complete the questions below. The Bethel who is determined to be the most successful will receive $75 reimbursement to be used to celebrate their membership accomplishments.

Bethel Membership Retention Questions:

  1. What are your goals and plans for this Grand year’s membership retention?

  2. What activities will you have? (At least one activity per term) How will you determine the success of these activities?

  3. What communications will you be sending out to active members? (i.e.: email blasts, texts, calls, letters, etc.)

  4. What communication will you be using for inactive members? (i.e.: setting up a fellow bethel member (bethel sister or buddy), letter, invitation, email, texts, or calls, etc.)

  5. We would like every effort to try to involve inactive members prior to suspending them. If the suspension was due to inability to pay for dues, were alternatives given to help with this? If a member was suspended, what reasoning was given? How do you plan to combat this in the future?

  6. Take pictures of the events/activities!

  7. What were the results from your event?

Jobie-to-Bee Incentive

This incentive will be judged on the information from the questions below. The Bethel who is determined to be the most successful will receive $75 reimbursement to be used to celebrate their membership accomplishments. Jobie-to-Bee Incentive Questions:

  1. How often does the Beehive meet?

  2. When the Beehive meets what activities or projects are the girls doing?

  3. What activities/events are the Bee’s involved in with the other girls? (If you have 6 events this year, your program will be entered for the Bee blanket)

  4. How many Jobie to Bee’s are in your hive this Grand year?

  5. How many will be initiated into your Bethel this Grand year?

  6. Will there be Jobie-to-Bee’s attending Grand session 2021?

  7. Will there be Jobie-to-Bee’s attending workshop?

  8. Will there be contact with other Masonic orders? (i.e.: making contact through letters, video’s, display’s in the Masonic Buildings, bringing baked goods to their functions or attending their activities. Your bethel could use this to work towards the Men’s incentive program by having your Bethel men help with promoting and assisting.)

Thank you and please let any member of the Promotion Committee know if you have any questions.

The Promotion Committee

Renee Rose, Grand Guide & Chairperson Kori Radloff, Grand Marshal Byron Simmons, Grand Inner Guard Matt Schell, Grand Outer Guard Denise Hamilton, Grand Secretary Amy Sabatka, 3rd-year appointee Amber Schadegg, 2nd-year appointee Kylie Vassar, 1st-year appointee

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