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MNJD Project

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughter, one of my duties is to promote the Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment Fund. My project - which has been inspired by the dinosaur mascot - will consist of giving large, mystery eggs to each bethel. These eggs cannot be opened by a Bethel unless a certain amount of money is given to the HIKE Fund, or until the Bethel hosts their first HIKE event.

More instructions will be inside the egg and the mysterious gifts inside will also be displayed at Grand. I will also be encouraging girls to “Be Wild For A Child” and create unique and creative fundraisers based on their own capabilities and interests. The goal of my project is to engage, empower, and give girls the tools to succeed so that they feel confident, ready, and eager to raise money for HIKE and the children it assists. Also, when we are able to meet together again, watch for some special little surprises, called “Little Wonders,” that you can purchase to support HIKE as well.

Rachel R, Miss Nebraska Job's Daughter, 2020-2021

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