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MNC Project

Hello Nebraska Job's Daughters!

From a young age I've enjoyed playing with Legos for the challenge of building something new or rebuilding an old design to make it better. To build our future leaders this year, we have to recognize everyone that is involved in the success of our order. For my project I will be using Legos to represent the members of Nebraska Job's Daughters.

White Legos will represent our current members, purple Legos will represent members that have been initiated this year, and yellow Legos will represent our Jobie-to-Bee’s. Every girl will be represented by a Lego with their first name and bethel number.

All of these Legos will be displayed on a table at Grand. While waiting for a competition or event you can build your own creation and take a picture. I then ask that you send that picture of your creation to my email so that your creativity can be displayed on a slideshow.

Jobie Love,

Abby Njus

Miss Nebraska Congeniality

2022 - 2023

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