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MNC Project

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As Miss Nebraska Congeniality, my priority is to promote membership across the state and to work with our Spirit Ambassadors. While we have encountered many challenges within the Jobie world during the Pandemic, I believe we can still improve membership. However, it will be done differently until we can safely gather and plan events once again. Until then, I encourage all Bethels to hold virtual fun events that allow Prospect members to join. That way we not only keep our Daughters involved and enthusiastic about Job’s Daughters but keep

Prospect members engaged and interested until they are Initiated.

Coming up with incentives and goals for the year while we cannot hold in-person events has been a challenge, but with support and determination, a couple have been created for the upcoming year. First, I would like for each Bethel to hold their own virtual event and give an opportunity for Jobie to Bees and prospects to take part in. Each Bethel that holds at least one event will be recognized for their creativity. The daughter who signs the most Applications for Membership throughout this Grand year will receive a gift put together by me in appreciation for her efforts to improve membership. Each new Initiate will receive a dinosaur figure with their name and Bethel on it at Grand Session in 2021. With these, I would love to hold an event at Grand to get to know the Initiates and where we can paint our dinosaurs together.

Angela K, Miss Nebraska Congeniality, 2020-2021

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