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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Dear Nebraska Job's Daughters,

This year we are focusing on “Building Our Future Leaders” of Nebraska Job’s Daughters. As Grand Bethel Honored Queen, my project will focus on leadership and teamwork skills which are necessary in school and work environments. In order to build these skills girls can show initiative in their Bethels or plan an event with oversight by the adults. I ask that the members or adults follow the template below in submitting activities or fundraisers planned by the Daughters.

If you would prefer to raise money for my project, that money will be donated to the Supreme Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to Job’s Daughters that show leadership at the local, state, and international levels.

With each activity turned in, or $25 raised, I will add a tool to our Grand Bethel Tool Box that will be displayed at Grand Session in June so ideas can be shared throughout the state.I will be rewarding the Bethel that shows the most skills and ideas, and the Bethel that raises the most money throughout the year at Grand Session 2023. Please turn in all of your events from the Fall Term by January 31st, 2023 and from the Spring Term by May 31st, 2023. I would like all money turned in by May 31st, 2023.

Jobie Love,

Sarah Warwick

Grand Bethel Honored Queen 2022-2023

Please fill out the following information or submit it on a separate paper or email.

Bethel Number:

Leadership or Teamwork Skills Shown:

Activity Done or Amount Enclosed:

Please attach a picture of the event

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